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The Regen Process for Takeuchi Compact Excavators

The Regen Process for Takeuchi Compact Excavators

Takeuchi’s exhaust treatment system involves Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). The process of “Regeneration” or “Regen” is when the soot accumulates in the filter which results in the engine’s exhaust temperatures increasing to attempt to burn off that soot. Usually, this process is automatic and the machine does not need to stop working to complete it.

A machine may need parked or manual regen if:

  • It is left in extended periods of idling
  • The machine is not used very often
  • Improper oil or fuel is used in the machine
  • The machine has a low operating temperature

A visual (engine with an exclamation point in the center as well as a flashing filter image) and audible alert (beep every 10 seconds) will be present in this situation. The alerts will increase in frequency until the manual regen is performed.

Follow the steps below to manually initiate the regen process for your Takeuchi Excavator:

1 Park your machine in a safe and well-ventilated area

2 Make sure your machine has enough fuel to idle for about one hour

3 Check that your coolant temperature is a minimum of 150 degrees Fahrenheit

4 Reduce the engine speed to idle

5 Engage the safety lock lever

6 Press and hold the regen command switch until you hear a beep and the regen indicator appears on the screen – about 10 seconds.

7 Expect the engine speed to increase. The regen process will take 20-30 minutes or more depending on how much soot has accumulated.

8 Once regen is complete, the engine speed will return to normal and the regen alerts should remain off.

It is extremely important to initiate the manual regen process when prompted. If it is not executed when prompted, your machine could:

  • Experience a reduced power level and engine speed that will worsen over time
  • Enter into “limp-home mode” also known as “backup mode”
  • Have a higher frequency of any audible alarms and eventually reach the frequency of every second

At this point, a regen is still possible but will require holding the command switch for about 20 seconds instead of 10 and the process could take as long as 4 hours to complete the regen process.

If you are experiencing the alerts above and cannot successfully regenerate your DPF, please contact ACT Construction Equipment for assistance at 800.462.2447.

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