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5 Impressive Construction Projects – Take A Takeuchi Wheel Loader

Visiting construction sites is a strange hobby, but there's a lot of cool things to see, including a Takeuchi wheel loader. The most massive projects are taking place overseas. The Middle East and China are the main locations. Here's a list of five impressive construction projects.

1) Jubail II – Saudi Arabia

A massive construction project in Jubail, Saudi Arabia is nearly complete. The project started in the 1970s. It was expanded several times. In 2016, it was expanded by another five years. The latest expansion is focusing on residential units and buildings for education. A 'Greenfield' University that can educate 18,000 students is in production. New roads, bridges, power stations, water treatment facilities, and medical centers are also planned. Over 40 countries are involved in the project. $20 billion has been spent. Here are more details:

Industrial and commercial port; 17 square-mile artificial port; 11 miles of breakwater; 440 acre refinery tank farm; 20 berths at commercial port; 5.6 mile causeway; Service quay; Several more projects were committed to.

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2) Dubailand – Dubai

Another massive project in the Middle East is taking place in Dubai. Dubailand is an entertainment complex that is expected to open in 2019. $55 billion has been raised as of 2013. There are several zones in Dubailand including Attractions & Experience World, Retail and Entertainment World, Themed Leisure and Vacation World, Eco-Tourism World, Sports and Outdoor World, and Downtown. One of the most impressive sites is Dubai Lifestyle City. It is over 4.15 million square feet in size. 68 villas are expected to be built, along with 120 villettes, a golf course, theater, and auditorium.

3) Water Transfer Project (South to North) – China

In China, there's a massive water project. $79 billion has been spent on the South-North Water Transfer Project. The goal is to divert 44.8 billion cubic meters of water per year from the Yangtze River to the Yellow River Basin. The canal is 716 miles long. 23 pumping stations with a capacity of 454 megawatts is in use. There are two underground tunnels 70 meters under the Yellow River. A Takeuchi wheel loader may still be on-site.

4) Beijing Airport – China

A mega airport in China is scheduled to open in 2019. $12.6 billion has been spent to construct the new Beijing airport. The project consisted of 1.6 million cubic meters of concrete and 52,000 tons of steel. It is 18 square miles in size. 45 million passengers are expected to use the airport each year. It has a capacity of 100 million.

5) River Project – Libya

The Great Man-Made River supplies water to Libya. It consists of pipes and the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System. This aquifer was filled during the last ice age, and it is expected to last a thousand years. This is the world's largest irrigation project, and the world's largest underground network of aqueducts and pipes. It is approximately 1,750 miles long. There's 1,300 wells that are 500 meters deep. It supplies 6,500,000 cubic meters of fresh water every day. $1.2 billion was invested for 50,000 palms for water condensation.


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