Doosan DL-280-5

Rugged, dirty job sites don't stand a chance with the Doosan DL280-5 wheel loader. Ideally sized, it's capable of handling a wide range of construction and material handling tasks, from loading and carrying construction materials around a jobsite to transporting scrap materials. For scrap and recycling applications, an optional heavy duty axle provides added strength and the flexibility to use solid tires on the machine. An optional wide fin radiator clears dirt, dust and other large debris from the radiator faster for better cooling. The optional guarding package, which includes added protection for the radiator, lights, cabin window, articulation joint, tire valve stems, brakes, and underside of the machine.


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Type: Wheel Loader
Rated Horsepower: 171.7
Maximum Torque (ft-lb): 593
Operating Weight: 34,262
Bucket Capacity (yards): 3.66
Bucket Width: 8 ft 11 in
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