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Maintain and extend the life of your tracks

Maintain and Extend The Life of Your Tracks

Takeuchi compact track loaders are designed to help operators extend their undercarriage life, but there are still some rules for operators to follow to optimize their tracks’ lives.

Keep Your Undercarriage Clean

Mud and dirt accumulation is prevalent and, unfortunately, can get in the way of operating the machine properly by adjusting the pitch and component engagement, leading to tracks wearing out faster. Make sure to remove all mud and dirt, then use water to clean the tracks at the end of your day.

Decrease Your Speed

Operating at high speeds results in rapid wear of your tracks. We recommend using the slowest possible speed when operating.

Change Up Your Turns

Many operators make the mistake of favoring a direction for turning, leading to an unbalance wear on your undercarriage. Make sure to avoid favoring a turning direction to keep your tracks even.

Look Out For Signs of Wearing

Operators need to make sure they are taking their time to inspect their undercarriage for any damage every day. Common areas to check are bushings, rollers, and sprockets. If you identify any parts that look shiny, you may have a problem with your alignment. Double-check to ensure all nuts and bolts are tight because loose nuts and bolts can lead to damage.

Avoid track spinning

When filling your bucket, use loader hydraulics to engage with the material to avoid spinning your tracks. Excess track spinning can lead to rapid wear and damage of your undercarriage.

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