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Protecting your machines from Dust and Dirt is one of the most important precautions you can take to increase a machine’s life. Dust and dirt are the sources of 85% of fuel system failures, and these failures can decrease engine life by over 50%. With recently manufactured engines, the fuel injection pressure is much higher and makes the engine more susceptible to dust and dirt issues. Unfortunately, even the tiniest particles can lead to engine malfunctions.

While Fueling

It is essential always to put the nozzle on the pump instead of allowing it to fall to the ground where dirt and dust can be collected.

While Operating

Make sure the vent tube and fuel tank caps are tightly sealed to stop dust from getting in.

While Servicing

When changing filters or conducting any service to your machine – reduce air exposure to the engine to reduce the possibility of dust and dirt entering the fuel system. We always recommend executing these tasks inside.

While Changing Filters

Follow the guidelines for recommended intervals for changing filters by the manufacturer. Only Use filters recommended by the manufacturer to get the best results. Follow all directions described in the equipment operator manual when working on the prefuel filters and the primary filters. Check all seals to identify leaks. It is best not to pre-fill machine fuel filters within high-pressure fuel systems.

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