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Develon DD100

When push comes to shove, the Develon® DD100 dozer delivers with more horsepower, better tractive effort and superior pushing power. This machine was designed to be heavier and delivers 122 hp — higher than competitive dozers in this size class. The result is more power to the ground and superior tractive effort to help you move more material and get more in the done pile.

Develon developed its unique dozer undercarriage system to help lower the total cost of operation. Dual-flange rollers go outside the chain of the track, and single-flange rollers sit inside the chain of the track. The combination helps ensure that the track stays on the undercarriage, helping to reduce wear and providing greater operator comfort.
The undercarriage is designed for convenient and cost-effective maintenance.
Areas of the undercarriage that naturally experience greater wear and tear are easy to access.

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  • Rated Power:

    122 hp

  • Operating Weight:

    22,300 – 23,100 lb (depending on blade installed)

  • Engine Type:

    4 cylinder

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