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Avant E-Series

Avant E-Series

Avant was the first manufacturer to introduce a full-electric, battery-powered compact loader series to the market. Full electric loader with zero-emission and extremely low noise is the answer to future demands. Although the e series is electric it offers the same power and properties as the Avant 500 series which is equipped with a diesel engine. The Avant e5 has an integrated battery charger as standard, which makes it possible to charge batteries anywhere a 3-phase, 480 volt power outlet is available. Avant e5 is equipped with a maintenance-free Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery. You can charge the e5 fully in 5 hours and work with it between one and two hours. This makes the e5 a very good option if your work allows you to charge for a longer period.

  • Type:

    Compact Wheel Loader

  • Operating Capacity:


  • Rated Horsepower:


  • Bucket Breakout Force:


  • Operating Weight:


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