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Avant 200 Series

Avant 200 Series

Avant 200 series is an amazingly powerful and versatile compact loader considering its small size. The basic ideology with the articulated design and hydraulic 4×4 transmission is the same as in bigger Avant’s. Easy access to driver’s seat, ample space for operator, logical and easy-to-use controls and excellent visibility to the working area guarantee efficient operation. The Avant quick attach system for attachments and hydraulic multi-connector are standard features as well. The 200 series is especially strong in driving attachments with its max 11.1 gal/min hydraulics flow. The wide Avant attachment range allows working all year round be it earthmoving, lawn mowing, digging, load handling, snow removal, etc. 200 series is much more than a ride-on lawn mower, compact tractor or a quad bike.

  • Type:

    Compact Wheel Loader

  • Operating Capacity:


  • Rated Horsepower:

    20 -25

  • Operating Weight:


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