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Commercial General Contractor Mn

The construction industry is ever-changing, and Randahl Construction is a top commercial general contractor in MN that keeps getting better! Year-to-year; day-to-day; we always keep our eyes on commodities, making sure we know what today’s pricing is so we can direct our clients in the proper direction. We make sure that we always clearly explain the costs associated with each kind of construction project that our clients want and operate with total transparency. Sometimes we provide alternative ideas or add what we call “value engineering” to the client’s ideas and still accomplish what our client is looking for.

Why Do We Keep Changing?

If we don’t change, the construction industry will change anyway! That’s why we always build from our client’s point of view. What does it mean to build from a client’s points of view? When we say that we “build from your point of view;” not only does this apply to your point of view, but it takes into consideration the point of view of your municipality, the point of view of your tenants, the point of view of your real-estate agents who are going to be marketing your property, and the point of view of your customers regarding what they see when they walk in the door.

What Makes Randahl Construction Different from Other Construction Companies

First, we don’t operate like the typical construction company. We don’t focus on the bottom line of our business. We focus on our clients and doing right by them, and the bottom line takes care of itself. We want to make sure that you make money and that you’re here for tomorrow and for years to come.

When working as your commercial general contractor in MN, you can trust that we will provide every aspect of the business in terms of cost savings, material savings, and ideas that can accomplish what you’re looking for.

Why Choose Randahl Construction to be Your Commercial General Contractor in MN?

The choice of Randahl Construction is clear and simple – we’re an open book. We explain to our clients the pitfalls of heading in a certain direction, and we’ll explain the upside in heading in another direction. We want to make sure that we’re your partner. We want to make sure that you understand that we’re not just building a one-time relationship. Rather, we will be there for you every step of the way.

How Do We Compete in Today’s Economy

Today’s economy is tricky, and the markets are volatile. Randahl Construction has been in business for years, and we’ve seen two cycles in the market since we’ve been in business. This cycle is not like anything we’ve ever seen, and that is why we are ever-changing with those cycles. It’s not as simple anymore to understand the construction industry. You must know your products, you must know your commodities, and you must know all of the building materials that go into each individual user’s space. At Salt Construction, we remain on the cutting edge of the industry, and that’s why more people choose for a commercial general contractor in MN.

Commercial General Contractor Mn

Randahl Construction, Inc.


Commercial General Contractor Mn

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