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FAE is the world leader in the design and production of heads for tractors, excavators, skid steers, special vehicles and tracked vehicles for forestry, agricultural, road and demining operations. With a range of over 90 products and 400 models, FAE is able to satisfy the most diverse of customer needs. FAE's range of heads includes forestry mulchers, cutters, stump cutters, stone crushers, stabilizers and multifunction heads. The tracked vehicles we offer include tracked vehicles with cab as well as radio-controlled tracked vehicles. FAE focuses on technological innovation and construction quality in order to ensure maximum performance and reliability for its machines. For more details on FAE products give us a call or click on the contact button.


FAE’s tracked carriers are designed for forestry and agricultural work. The available selection of interchangeable heads makes FAE carriers extraordinarily flexible. They are designed and built to work in extreme conditions, on soft ground and on steep slopes.


FAE’s hydraulic driven heads are designed for mulching, shredding and crushing. FAE offers solutions for a wide range of skid steer loaders, excavators and special hydraulic transmission vehicles. The product range includes forestry tillers, forestry mulchers, stump cutters and multitask heads that can be used for a variety of tasks.
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