Tips For Undercarriage Maintenance

Tips For Undercarriage Maintenance

Tips For Undercarriage Maintenance

Identify issues early to reduce the risk of downtime.

    Have your machine inspected regularly
    Never delay any necessary repairs or needed parts replacements for your undercarriage.

ACT Construction Equipment’s technicians have the expertise to identify issues with your undercarriage before any costly repairs emerge. With consistent inspections, our technician will ensure that all components are functioning properly and deliver an estimate of time for anything that may need to be replaced down the line.

If a component has to be replaced, our expert technicians can install your new components correctly and in short order. We have the ability to service your machines on-site or at any of our locations. When the repair is completed, our technicians will make sure that your tracks have the correct tension to diminish excessive wear. With our maintenance recommendations, ACT Constructions Equipment can help you double the life of your existing tracks to save you from experiencing any issues later on.

We also have high interval inspections that are recommended by manufacturers. Our expert technicians are trained to inspect excavators, skid steers, track loaders, wheel loaders, and more.

Call ACT Construction Equipment today at 800.462.2447 to learn how we can create a maintenance program tailored for your machine.

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