Is the “R” or “V” Takeuchi Track Loader model right for the job?

Is the “R” or “V” Takeuchi Track Loader model right for the job?

Understanding the difference between radial and vertical designed track loaders will allow you to pick the machine best for the job at hand. Each has their strengths for specific needs such as obstacles a concrete contractor may face compared to a contractor needing to move heavy pallets.

To start us off, R stands for radial lift loader design and V stands for vertical lift loader design.

The R model would be recommended for jobs that:

    Include grading and dirt work
    Require greater bucket breakout force and lift arm forces
    Need mid-height reach for backfilling

The V model is recommended for work that requires:

    Excellent load and carry capabilities
    Greater rated operating capacity (ROC)
    A higher hinge pin height and full dump reach

Both the R and V models will dig, move, dump, and lift, but depending on the job at hand, one may be a better choice than the other. If you are uncertain, we recommend giving us a call to help you make the best decision for an efficient job site.

Call ACT Construction Equipment today at 800.462.2447 to learn more about the Takeuchi Track Loader models and which might be the better fit for your needs.

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