Have you considered Takeuchi’s versatile land and vegetation attachments for your next job?

Have you considered Takeuchi’s versatile land and vegetation attachments for your next job?

Have you considered Takeuchi’s versatile land and vegetation attachments for your next job?

Do you need to clear land? Takeuchi has a range of attachments that can help you get the job done. Whether it’s mulching, cutting brush, or crushing stone, we can help you find the right attachment for your needs and your machines.

With many of Takeuchi’s excavators and track loaders, you can use the following Takeuchi land and vegetation attachments.

Before using any of Takeuchi’s land and vegetation attachments, please consult the information below.

Mulching Heads:

“When used with excavators, you need a TB240 or larger machine:

Flow rate - 13-55 gpm

Pressure - 2611-5070 psi

Safety always comes first when using mulching heads with your Takeuchi Excavator. Always make sure you are using an excavator outfitted with Lexan windows and protective bars when using this attachment.

When used with a Takeuchi Track Loader, you would need a TL8R2, Tl10V2, TL12R2, or a Tl12V2 because they meet the following characteristics.

Flow rate - 16-30 gpm

Pressure - 2,600-5,000 psi

Horsepower ratings - 40-120 hp

Stump Cutters:

The best Takeuchi machines to use with this attachment are, the TB257R and the TB260 because they meet the following criteria:

Flow rate - 13-26 gpm

Pressures - 2,600-5,000 psi

Heavy Duty Stump Cutters:

The Takeuchi Excavators best equipped to handle this attachment are the TB370, TB280FR, TB290, and the TB2150. They all have the following characteristics.

Flow rate - 26-42 gpm

Pressures - 2,600-5,000 psi

Stone Crushers:

For this attachment, you will need to use one of Takeuchi’s High Flow Track Loaders with a flow rate of 35-40 gpm. This attachment also requires a 90-120 HP engine.

The recommended models are the TL12R2 and the TL12V2.

Tree Disc Mulcher:

With a cutting width of 60”, you will need a loader that has more than a 2,800 lb capacity. It must also be a high flow track loader with 30-45 gpm.

Closed, Open Front and Industrial Rotary Brush Cutters:

These attachments have cutting widths that range from 66” to 84”. There are a variety of motor options that require anywhere from 12 to 42 gpm to operate.

The Open and Closed Rotary Brush Cutters would need a machine capacity of at least 1,500 lbs while the Industrial Rotary Cutter requires more than 2,200 lbs.

Ask your ACT Construction Equipment representative about your specific machine and the project at hand. Call us today at 800.462.2447 and we will help you determine what attachment would be best.

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