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Tiki Huts Florida Keys

Tiki Huts Florida Keys

Tiki huts are common in the Florida Keys. They are great for that added shade you need when enjoying the great outdoors. They come in several different sizes from small to the really large ones. You will see Tiki huts Florida Keys used as a restaurant or bar, on the mini-golf courses, and beside a swimming pool or dock. They come in several different styles as well. They provide shelter from both the sun and the rain. A good hut has a steep roof and combined with palm fronds in thick layers for the best results.

A roof that is thatched properly is completely rainproof. In order to build a thatched roof, a frame is built using cypress poles that the bark has been stripped from. The roof has to be steep, so the rain will run off easily. It is then covered with palm fronds that are overlapping. They are attached using nails and are rather close together. After many layers of these fronds, the roof is solid and waterproof. Tiki huts are found in many locations and here at Southern X Contracting, our construction teams are experienced and can handle any job, big or small.

Uses for Tiki Huts

Restaurant Tiki Bars are very large Tiki huts that have room to serve food and have a full bar. They are generally decorated well and have many Tiki style decorations within them. When the business is near a beach, the Tiki bar is very appealing to the customer.

Go to any mini golf course almost anywhere, and part of their decor will be a Tiki Hut. Some have seats within the hut. This will provide ample shade to allow the customer to cool down and relax. There are some unique ways these huts have been built on the mini-golf courses.

Poolside Tiki huts are popular in the Florida Keys. With the summer heat, this is a great way to allow a place for the swimmer to dry off or take a break for a drink or a snack in the shade. They add a sense of paradise to your backyard.

A dockside Tiki Hut is another popular use in Florida. These are great for fishing and swimming off the pier or dock. It gets hot in Florida, and the shade is welcome. If there is a Tiki hut by the dock, you can fish without that large umbrella to give the needed shade.

Re-thatching and Thatch Repair

If Tiki Huts Florida Keys are built well, the thatching should last for about five years with no problems. However, after that time the roof would need to be repaired or re-thatched. Here at Southern Cross Construction, our contractors are highly skilled in fixing the huts. They will go as deep as is necessary to get the roof leak proof and if necessary are trained and have the needed experience to re-thatch the roof. No matter what your needs are, here at Southern Cross Construction we take pride in excellent customer service for our customers.

Tiki Huts Florida Keys
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