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Floor Sanding And Polishing Near Me

Floor Sanding And Polishing Near Me

Do you have dull and lifeless hardwood floors? You have several versatile options to restore them for the newest attractive quality. Unlike other floor options, hardwood floors can last longer than other parts of the house. The only difficulty you may have is in choosing the best restoration method.

Which are the most common restoration methods?

The two main Adelaide floor polishing methods are floor sanding and polishing near me. Sanding removes the outmost layer and stains to give room for a new sealer, while buffing is a less intense form of sanding – it is a way of refinishing the floor.

What is sanding?

Sanding removes every stain and finishing on the outermost layer. It is an intense process that strips the floor of everything and exposes the bare natural wood beneath the sheen. The floor sander in Adelaide continues to sand the floor after removing the shine, to rid it of impurities like stains and dents. It is essential to sand the floor several times if you want the perfect refinished layer.

Typically, it is impossible to sand the floor with a small sanding paper. Therefore most homeowners hire a company that has substantial and strong equipment to progressively remove the top floor layer with the least number of repetitions.

What is polishing?

Buffing or polishing does not require tackling of the entire floor. Some people only buff small areas of the floor and usually target shallow scratches. A repair company can polish more than just hardwood, such as tiles and concrete.

Hand buffing is slow and tiresome; hence, people hire Thistle Floors to get the most stubborn impurities fast and effectively. Otherwise, hand buffing is likely to result in contaminants such as particles sticking on the newly laid finishing. We remove the shine on top of the floor and quickly apply wax on the area with a buffing pad while the floor is still clean and fresh.

What are the technical differences between the two?

  • Professionals use a circular motion to remove the top polyurethane sealer while buffing. This method allows them not to touch wood underneath, which could be in perfect condition.
  • Sanding is a more in-depth process that allows homeowners to change the feel and color of the floor.
  • Buffing is more straightforward, less chaotic, much cheaper, and extends the wood’s life.

Should you buff or sand the floor?

You can always buff a new floor several times to get the best appearance and function for the next several years. It is, however, challenging to continue the buffing process after several recoating procedures. Here are a few pointers that will guide floor polishers in Adelaide:

  • A dull or worn out floor without chips or dents will perform well with a simple buffing process.
  • A simple need to change the finishing without changing the color could benefit from buffing.
  • Minor scuffs that do not expose the wood to touch only require buffing, while the opposite require sanding

Ask the opinion of a professional woof finisher if you want to know whether to buff or sand our floor. Our impeccable record has a backing of several years to ensure the longevity of your floor with floor sanding or polishing near me. Call us now on 0401 433 178 or request a quote online for floor sanding and polishing in Adelaide.   



Floor Sanding And Polishing Near Me

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